Asteroid Apophis

Asteroid Apophis or Apoph is Getting Closer to the Earth

The exact time of the Apocalypse has been known for a possible second. Friday, April 13,
2029, 4.36 am GMT. Concealing the energy of 65,000 atomic bombs asteroid Apophis with a mass of 50 million tonnes and a diameter of 320 meters will cross the orbit of the moon and rush to the Earth with a speed of 45 thousand miles per hour. In a collision of Apophis might do unseen troubles. But even if Apophis will fall into the ocean, deep crater formed at 3 and 8 km in diameter, from which all sides run tsunami. Asteroid Apophis 2029 As a result, for example, the coast of Florida would be under waves 20M that for an hour will be destroyed the mainland.  Apophis previously known as 2004 MN4, a member of the Aten group of near-Earth asteroids which had been estimated by NASA as having a 1 in 5500 chance of    striking the Earth in 2029. If Apophis sneaks through the keyhole, its orbit could be perturbed, possibly putting it on a collision course with our planet seven years later. Until radar observations of the asteroid are taken in 2013, however, it will remain unclear where Apophis is headed. Currently, Apophis has a ranking of 1 on the Torino scale, down from an earlier value of 4 (the highest ever assigned). In October 2009, based on updated computational techniques and newly available data, NASA scientists announced a sharply reduced estimate of the chances of collision – about one in 250,000. Apophis was discovered in 2004 and is thought to measure between 320–400 meters in diameter. An asteroid of this size could destroy a large city. It was given its permanent name in 2005. “Apophis” is the Greek name of the Ancient Egyptian god Apep (the Destroyer).

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