Astronaut Robot R2

The first humanoid robot on board the International Space Station (ISS), called Robonaut 2 or R2 has successfully passed its first training. Astronauts have checked the state of all systems of the robot and the work of his eye, the tests have passed successfully. It is planned that during the next test in early September Robonaut will try to move. The robot developed by NASA and General Motors, was delivered to the orbit by space shuttle Discovery in February 26. The robot has a head with a mass of about 140 pounds, the body and two arms manipulator with flexible fingers. First time R2, creating of which cost about $ 2.5 million, will work in the U.S. laboratory Destiny, however, specialists of the project  hope that with time he will be able to go into  space  and work on the ISS with the person, performing routine, or too dangerous work. R2 also has a twin robot R2A, which is still on Earth.

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