Astronomers Found 18 Alien Planets

According to new syudy astronomers have found 18 new alien planets. This new discoveries increase the number of known planets orbiting massive stars by 50 percent. The exoplanet bounty should also help astronomers better understand how giant planets form and grow in nascent alien solar systems. The list of known alien planets is now well over 700 and climbing fast. The researchers surveyed about 300 stars using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii and instruments in Texas and Arizona. They focused on so-called “retired” type A stars that are at least 1.5 times more massive than our own sun. The team scrutinized these stars, looking for slight wobbles caused by the gravitational tug of orbiting planets.

This process revealed 18 new alien worlds, all of them with masses similar to Jupiter‘s. All 18 planets also orbit relatively far from their stars, at a distance of at least 0.7 times the span from Earth to the sun (about 93 million miles, or 150 million kilometers).