Gas giant HD 10056 source:NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomers are witnessing Planet Forming Inside Gas Cloud Surrounding the Star HD 10056

HD 10056 is the young star which is near to the Earth about 335 light years. The astronomers, who are studying the HD 10056 star, think, that they are witnessing the birth of a giant from gas. This giant will be three times larger than Jupiter. If this discovery is confirmed, it will change the understanding of people, regarding the comparing the theories of scientists, with direct observations of new planets. The scientist from Swiss university explained, that up to this moment, the formation of planet, was a topic for computer simulations, but if this discovery is really a forming planet, it will give the chance to scientists to study the process of forming the planet and its interaction in a very early stage. Last giant planet was an orbit HD 100546, the distance of the star is six time more that the distance of the Earth from the Sun. The new candidate planet – the HD 10056 star, has ten times more distance from its parent star. As the scientists think, the giant planets are growing with gas and dust, which are left behind after the star forming. It seems that the results are supporting this theory.