Astronomers Found Brown Dwarfs Located of the Earth

Astronomers of the Potsdam Institute for Astrophysics (Germany) found a pair of brown dwarfs located in close proximity of the Earth. Most of the experimental data gave an infrared space telescope, WISE, who conducted the survey of the sky in four bands (3.4, 4.6 12 and 22 microns) and has recently completed its work. Scroll to a group of 98 candidates in the cold brown dwarfs, astronomers began to view the directories, made earlier project participants Two Micron All-Sky Survey and Sloan Digital Sky Survey.  As expected, virtually all of the candidates were stars, distant galaxies, or by conventional artifacts of images. 

Two objects, WISE J0254 +0223 and J1741 +2553, however, had all the characteristics of ultra-cold brown dwarfs of spectral class T. The speed of the proper motion J0254 +0223 and J1741 +2553 is about 2.5 and 1.5 seconds of arc per year, and the distance separating them from the sun, the scientists estimated at 5.5 (2.3, -1.6) and 4.6 (+1.9, -1.4) pc, ie approximately 18 and 15 light years. For finally classify J0254 +0223 and J1741 +2553 astronomers used the spectroscopic observations at Arizona Grand binocular telescope.