New type of supernova

Astronomers Discovered Absolutely New Type of Mini Supernova

The opening was done by the astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics by led of astronomer
Rayan Foley. Earlier this type was unknown. The supernova received Iax designation. Unlike all other types the supernova explosion was so weak that astronomers hardly noticed it. The found supernova of this type called “mini supernova“. According to astronomers the material from the blue hot star consisting mainly of such chemical elements as helium, falls into the dwarfish star consisting of oxygen and carbon. The white dwarf is surrounded with a star disk. Today the flashes of the supernova are the most powerful and bright space explosions. Such flashes can illuminate all galaxy. Even on the edge of the Universe the similar flashes are visible. But, some flashes of supernova can be quite weak and they are made by mini supernova stars. This type of supernova of a star is approximately 100 times more than our Sun. During the researching, the astronomers identified approximately 25 mini supernova s of type Iax.


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