Astronomers Discovered That Dione Has Atmosphere

A team of astronomers has discovered that the icy moon of Saturn has an atmosphere.This is a very thin layer, but it is present on Dione. This discovery was made recently by the Cassini a space probe. With the data obtained from Cassini, which flew past Dione, scientists were able to fix the fact that the passing by Saturn, icy satellite leaves traces. This is the result of the passage of Dione and its atmosphere by the giant Saturn’s magnetic field. According Sven Simon if the satellite had no atmosphere, then passing through a magnetic field of Saturn, Dione them not worried. To disturb the magnetic field needs a certain conductive, that is ability of substances conduct an electric current or heat. 

Dione is not massive enough to have a large layer of atmosphere, like, for example, on Earth. The planet Saturn is surrounded by belt of energetically charged particles, just as the Earth is surrounded by radiation belts. By size Dione is the 15th largest satellite in our solar system. When the particles hit the surface of Dione, they are charged and fly away from it. Dione is in the radiation belt, so has the atmosphere of charged particles.