Hydrogen gas clouds

Astronomers found hydrogen gas clouds – the bridge between the galaxies

In intergalactic space astronomers found huge threadlike clouds of gas from the ionized hydrogen, which can be the indicator of thin threads from the dark matter connecting cells of global space. The previous cycles of supervision over empty space between galaxies indicated of possibility existence of clouds of hydrogen between them. But the astronomers couldn’t determine the sizes of these hydrogen gas clouds and their property. With help of a radio telescope Green-Bank the astronomers were succeeded to understand that it not shapeless clouds, but quite accurate structures.  For several weeks the astronomers watched the closest neighbors of our Milky Way, Andromeda’s galaxies and the Triangle. These “star megalopolises” drew attention of astronomers still a year ago, when they found in data of radio observations hints on existence of big congestions of hydrogen in intergalactic space. According to astrophysicists, all these clouds are located along the line connecting Andromeda and the Triangle. This fact allows to assume, that these congestions of a matter “stuck” to invisible “umbilical cord” from the dark matter connecting these galaxies. According to the astronomers the technique created by them will help to study and other threads huge three-dimensional “a space web” from the dark matter braiding all Universes.


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