Neutron Stars

Astronomers found neutron stars with abnormal behavior

Astrophysics found an object with abnormal behavior, capable to change the developed system of classification of neutron stars: magnetar with very weak magnetic field. According to the astrophysics it is anomaly among anomalies.

Magnetar is a rare class of neutron stars, which differ ability to make bright flashes of gamma radiation and which magnetic field are many orders more than a magnetic field of neutron stars. Neutron stars represent the remains of usual stars with very high density: so high that electrons are absorbed by protons and turn into neutrons. Besides, at collapse of an object with abnormal behavior all its magnetic field is pulled together after substance in a sphere with a diameter about 20 kilometers and for this reason intensity of a field sharply increases on 11-12 orders.

By astrophysics such superstrong magnetic fields of some neutron stars a source of gamma flashes. However, according to authors of opening, division of neutron stars into classes can be wrong. The found abnormal object, which is at distance of 6500 light years from Earth passable in catalogs as SGR 0418+5729, on the one hand makes typical for magnetar flashes, and with another, differs a magnetic field at the level of a usual neutron star.

Three years’ supervision for abnormal magnetar with help of x-ray telescopes of Chandra, XMM-Newton, Swift and RXTE allowed not only to prove existence of earlier unknown type of neutron stars, but also to collect enough data for an anomaly explanation.  Supervision over gamma splashes in SGR 0418+5729 allowed to assume that gamma radiation arises at “bark” breaks of magnetar. The neutron layer on a surface behaves as a firm body, while inside the condition of a matter is characterized as liquid rather.