Storm on Saturn

Astronomers opened the secret of storm on Saturn

Astronomers from Spain submitted the description of a huge storm on Saturn (known as the Big White Spot) 2010. To find out the phenomenon reasons, scientists analyzed the data obtained by the spacecraft Cassini. Researchers established that the speed of streams in an upper atmosphere of Saturn reached 570 kilometers per hour or about 160 meters per second. For comparison, the strongest hurricanes on Earth differs the speed of a wind in 140 meters per second and thus completely destroyed the majority got to a zone of disaster of constructions. The storm on Saturn led to emergence of the spot seen even in not the most perfect telescopes from Earth. Astronomers fixed a big White Spot in 1876, however then about the reasons of a phenomenon it was necessary to build guesses only. After researchers reconstructed the map of winds and made idea of dynamics of process, they asked a question of a power source which provided emergence of the Big White Spot with a diameter about 10 thousand kilometers. Infrared shooting allowed to reveal not only risen 44 kilometers above usual cloud level, but also temperature increase of an upper atmosphere on 60 degrees. Heating specified that the power source is somewhere in depth, under layers of continuous overcast.

Having simulated development of a storm on Saturn, scientists came to a conclusion that its center settled down at the level of about 300 kilometers is lower than a visible surface of clouds. Convective streams took out heated gases in an upper atmosphere where they faced constantly blowing winds. On Saturn, as well as on Earth, there are constant high-rise currents, and scientists have their mathematical models based on results of long-term supervision of a planet. When in these models added internal convective streams, the Big White Spot received the explanation.

The Big White Spot appears approximately once in 28 years, that corresponds to one year on Saturn. The inclination of an axis of rotation of a planet is more, than at Earth, therefore also seasonal fluctuations on the gas giant can be more noticeable. For today it is known of an atmosphere not so much, however the majority of scientists meets that inside there is a kernel with a weight at least ten times more than the weight of Earth and this kernel is warmed to a mark over 10 thousand degrees.

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