carbon monoxide gas

Carbon Monoxide Gas in Plutos Atmosphere

British team of astronomers discovered Poisonous carbon monoxide gas in the atmosphere of the planet Pluto, after a worldwide search that lasted nearly two decades, according to a new study that also detected the planet’s atmosphere extending much higher above the surface than previously thought. The atmosphere of Pluto extend more than 60 miles,about 100 kilometers, above the surface, but according to a new study the height is more than 1,860 miles,3,000 km, equivalent to a quarter of the distance out to Pluto’s largest moon, Charon.Also scientists found that the carbon monoxide gas on Pluto is extremely cold, at about minus 364 degrees Fahrenheit,minus 220 degrees Celsius. In Pluto’s atmosphere, carbon monoxide acts as a coolant and the methane absorbs sunlight, which produces heating.Maintaining a balance between the two gases, which are actually just trace elements in what is thought to be an atmosphere dominated by nitrogen, is critical during the long seasons on Pluto that last several decades.The studies on Pluto could also help scientists understand the behavior of our own planet’s atmosphere.