Cause of the explosion of Tycho’s supernova

Tycho supernova, which is located about 13,000 light-years from Earth, formed when its parent star divided too much material from a nearby companion, forcing it to blow up in a massive thermonuclear explosion. The Tycho supernova remnant was first observed in 1572 by the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. Researchers studied Tycho with the Chandra observatory and found an arc of X-ray emission in the supernova emnant. 

Researchers think that this arc was   created   by   the  shock wave generated when a white dwarf exploded (the original Tycho star explosion) and blasted material off the surface of a nearby companion star. Based on the Chandra’s data and the current situation of the companion star Scientists have calculated that at the time of the explosion the star should have been from exploding white dwarf at a distance of 14 million kilometers,more than ten times closer than we are from the Sun.

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