Andromeda galaxy

Chandra space telescope opens the secrets of the black holes in the Andromeda galaxy

The large Andromeda galaxy opens many secrets thanks to Chandra space telescope. With help of supersensitive scientific tools of a Chandra space telescope scientists managed to find a large number of candidates for the black holes in a large Andromeda galaxy. The Andromeda galaxy is the neighbor of our Galaxy. Discovery was made with help of 150 supervisions over Andromeda’s galaxy by means of Chandra space telescopes. Supervision was made within 13 years. During this time scientists found 26 candidates for black holes. Today it is a record by quantity of the black holes located in another, than our Galaxy. Some astronomers consider a galaxy Andromeda as the sister of our own galaxy and are sure that through some billions years both of these galaxies will surely face. By the words of Robin Bernard from the Harvard they lost in admiration that so many black holes found in the next galaxy though they were sure that it only iceberg top. But, it is natural, while it only candidates for the black holes. They still should be confirmed, but it already a big step forward. The majority of the black holes has no partners and is invisible to telescopes, however scientists found out that many black holes in Andromeda have partners and that they can be found with help of some special methods.