Chang’e 4

China Launches Incredible Mission to Moon On December 8

China plans to launch mysterious mission to the Moon in December. The new mission is called Chang’e 4 which aims to set a lunar rover and lander on the far side of the Moon. The Chang’e 4 mission will help find some of the most shadowy secrets of our nearby object, after landing on the far side of the world. It begins a journey on Saturday, 8 December, and is expected to drop onto the Moon early next year.

China’s officials said that it “will be the first to realize a soft landing on and inspection of” the far side of the Moon.

Chang’e 4 will be China’s second lunar lander and rover. It was built as a backup to Chang’e 3, as Chang’e 2 was to Chang’e 1. Following the successful landing of the Chang’e 3 mission, the configuration of Chang’e 4 was adjusted to meet new scientific objectives. The mission is named after Chang’e, the Chinese Moon goddess.

As notes [Chang’e 4 will also test some hardware that China plans to use for Chang’e-5: a mission designed to collect about 4.4 lbs of dust and rocks from a northwest part of the Moon and bring those samples back to Earth].

“The name Queqiao means ‘magpie bridge’ in Chinese and comes from a Chinese folk tale, a love story about a flock of magpies that form a bridge crossing the Milky Way once a year to reunite lovers known as the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, as well as their children” according to a blog post by Luyuan Xu at the Planetary Society.

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