Chang'e 4

China Took 360-Degree Image from The Mission to the Moon

According to the Business Insider China has recently landed its first space mission to the moon. This mission is called Chang’e 4 which was launched on January 3. So the lander took a 360-degree picture of the landing site after waking up on Friday.

China has released a detailed image taken by the first spacecraft to land on the half of the moon that we can’t see from Earth.

“Shortly after the lander and the rover began their work, however, the China National Space Administration put them into a planned three-day “noon nap,” as Space News reported. This helped them survive the equivalent of high noon on the moon, when lunar surface temperatures can exceed a scorching 240 degrees Fahrenheit and risk overheating and damaging the spacecraft”, mentions

Chang'e 4
The Yutu 2 rover on Friday. CNSA/CLEP_image credit_

The horizontal image above is a cylindrical projection, which is essentially a 360-degree image cut at one point and flattened.

“The cylindrical projection was the most detailed of the images released by China and shows the topography of the landscape. It’s also clearest image yet of the desk-size Yutu 2 rover, which is traipsing across the lunar surface near the edge of a small crater”, writes businessinsider.

As mentioned Chang’e 4 will be China’s second lunar lander and rover. It was built as a backup to Chang’e 3, as Chang’e 2 was to Chang’e 1. Following the successful landing of the Chang’e 3 mission, the configuration of Chang’e 4 was adjusted to meet new scientific objectives. The mission is named after Chang’e, the Chinese Moon goddess.

Mission of Chang'e 4
China landed its Chang’e 4 lunar mission inside an ancient crater on the far side of the moon. Shayanne Gal/Business Insider

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