Chinese Astronomers Discovered Axis of Evil in Constellation Vulpecula

The preferred direction of movement of energy and light, so-called axis of evil, was discovered by astronomers in China in the constellation Vulpecula. Astronomers Rong-Gen Cai and Zhong-Liang found heterogeneity of space-time continuum, in the process of examining data of more than five hundred supernova explosions of the first type. Such supernovae occur during an explosion of red supergiant and a white dwarf. Chinese scientists, tracing the heterogeneity in the emission of supernovae were able to identify, that their radiation is moved in the direction of the constellation of Vulpecula of the northern hemisphere. According to Chinese astronomers this is evidence of heterogeneity of Universe’s expansion, which is the cause of acceleration of radiation in the direction of the constellation Vulpecula. That is, the axis of evil is at the location of this constellation.