New Comet Discovered by Russian Scientists

Russian astronomers have discovered a second comet in six months, received the designation P/2011 NO1. The first russian comet over 20 years, called C/2010 X1 (Elenin), discovered in December 2010, astronomer Leonid Yelenin of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Keldysh.The second comet was also discovered by Leonid Yelenin, and his colleague, Igor Molotov. The comet was discovered on images obtained using an automated observatory of the Russian ISON-NM (New Mexico, USA). The orbital parameters of the new comet not yet been precisely defined. According to preliminary data, the period of its revolution around the Sun is about 13 years. It is one of the celestial bodies approaching the Earth. 

The closest point of its orbit frome the sun is at a distance 0.38 astronomical units from outside the Earth’s orbit. Now the comet recedes from the Sun, and the beginning of autumn its shine falls below the 21 star magnitude. The next time the comet returns to the Sun in 2024.

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