Comet Hartley

Comet Hartley 2s Core is Not Uniform

The researchers observed Hartley-2 six times during the summer, fall and winter of 2010.All data which will be collected by Mumma’s team and detailed images of the comet taken by NASA’s EPOXI mission show that the comet’s core is not uniform.During the study Mumma’s team looking carefully at four types of gas to see in which directions their molecules traveled after release. So they could see that water and another gas, methanol, came off the comet in all directions. According to researchers in the comet’s core are the water ice with methanol in it, and carbon dioxide ice. Also may be a third type of ice, made from ethane.

That possibility is based on the fact that ethane, unlike water and methanol, was released   strongly   in   one  direction and It means that some molecules, such as methanol, may be mixed with water, while others, such as ethane, are not.Researchers think that now with this new data they can compare other comets with Hartley-2.

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