Comet ison

Comet ISON 2013 is the reason of new meteor shower

By the word of scientists, the coming nearer comet, which can quite appear “A comet of a century”, can create an unusual type of a meteor shower. When the comet ISON 2013 will fly by Earth this year, it is quite possible that the dust from a tail of a comet will create a meteoric stream. In that moment to the atmosphere of a planet will get a stream of the smallest particles, which once were part of a tail of a comet. According to the Paul Veygert instead of combustion in light flash, they will softly drift down to the Earth. By the Veygert’s computer model motes will travel with a speed of 125 000 miles/h (201 168 km/h) but as soon as they will get to Earth atmosphere, will be slowed down before total loss of speed. Because of it, observers on the Earth won’t be able to see meteors as they fall through the atmosphere in January 2014, the scientist added. The invisible meteor shower of a comet dust, if it really occurs, will be very slow. It can take months or even years for the fine dust settling from an upper atmosphere. But the hope of brilliant show can’t be lost. The dust with ISON can create silvery clouds – ice brilliant night clouds over Earth poles, which are shone blue. Possibly, hot permits will be in demand there. The blue ripples over Polar Regions of Earth can be the only visible sign of that the meteor shower goes at full speed. ISON 2013 headed through solar system on the way to the Sun. At approach on November 28 to the Sun, the comet will be in limits of 730 000 miles (nearly 1,2 million kilometers) from its surface.