Second Comet that Plunged Into the Sun Over the Last Ten Days

The second time, in the last ten days, one of NASA’s twin STEREO spacecraft fixes the case of the comet, flying toward the sun. As and the last time, that happened in mid-May, an attempt to impact the comet with the sun accompanied by powerfull coronary emissions.New data showed the presence of a powerful splash of solar energy after immersion of comets in the Sun. Scientists think the confluence of solar storms and suicidal comets is purely coincidental. According to NASA’s researchers there is no evidence of any physical connection between the two. Both of the recent comets are belong to the so-called Kreutz family of comets. Kreutz comets have orbits that approach within a few hundred thousand miles of the sun.

All Kreutz comets are thought to be the remains of one giant comet that broke apart several centuries ago. Coronal mass ejections shoot charged particles from the sun over several hours. Such solar eruptions can spew up to 10 billion tons of plasma.These solar particles can cause massive “Geomagnetic Storms”.