Crash Site of NASA Old Spacecraft

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera spotted the curious impact using its narrow-angle camera, which has such a high resolution that it can often see small features from Apollo-era spacecraft that either landed or crashed. According to James Ashley, a postdoctoral associate at Arizona State University (ASU) the contrasting dark and light regions indicate differences in the composition and maturity of the lunar surface features. He suggests that the “butterfly-shaped” mass of lunar rubble seen in the picture could be the remnants of NASA’s Lunar Orbiter 2, which made a planned crash landing on the moon in 1967 at the end of its mission. 

The unmanned Lunar Orbiter 2 was a spacecraft used in 1966 to help scope  out   possible landing  sites for  the Apollo and Surveyor missions.Scientists are not sure what caused this impact feature and they are currently re-targeting the area under a higher incidence angle to more accurately measure the diameter of the crater.