Dark Energy is Exists

New results from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the Anglo-Australian Telescope on Siding Spring Mountain in Australia confirm that dark energy is exists.Dark energy is about 74% of the universe.The first results of the study, which involved more than 200 galaxies may confirm that the mysterious force of dark energy is what is pulling the universe aside at ever growing speeds.Dark energy uniformly affects to the universe and moves its runaway expansion. This contradict an alternate theory, where gravity, not dark energy, is the force pushing space apart. According to alternate theory, Albert Einstein’s concept of gravity is wrong, and gravity becomes repulsive and not attractive when acting at great distances.

But new study establish that dark energy is a cosmological constant, as Albert Einstein proposed.According to Chris Blake of the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, dark energy is as if you threw a ball up in the air, and it kept speeding upward into the sky faster and faster.