Dark Matter and Life in Exoplanets

Dan Hooper and Jason Steffen of the National Accelerator Laboratory Fermi came to the conclusion that dark matter may be a contributing factor of the evolution of life beyond our Solar System. Scientists suggest that dark matter particles can sink into the core of the planet, and to provide enough energy to keep the planet’s surface with enough warm liquid water for the existence of life, even beyond the traditional habitable zone. According to Hooper and Steffen if the dark matter particles  pass  through the planet, there is a chance that they are faced with an atom and lose some of its speed and pulse, when this happens, dark matter particles fed into the planet’s core by the force of gravity, where they will remain. 

This applies to the planet on which acts the force of gravity. The heat provided by dark matter, would have helped save the life on the planet out of trillions of years, even beyond the lifetime of the star.