The Most Detailed Pictures of the Moon

With the help NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter scientists released the most detailed pictures of the moon, which has ever obtained.Only were photographed nearly 6 million square feet. km – about a third of the satellite.For two years the station has produced over four billion measurements and helped to discover on the Moon deposits of ice and hydrogen, and also areas where the sunny’s ight comes practically permanently. According to the General Director of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Gennady Raykunov suggested that the Moon could leave Earth’s orbit and become a planet. He suggested that the Moon may repeat the history of Mercury, which, as expected, was once a satellite of Venus.

However, he later became an independent planet.  After that, conditions on Venus are not suitable for the existing forms of life.Now are conducted space explorations, which may give an answer to the question, that may the conditions of life on Earth will change if the moon leaves its orbitt, and how to prevent negative developments.