Disagreement Regarding the Location of NASAs’ Spacecraft Voyager 1

Though, the American Geophysical Union reported that the spacecraft Voyager 1 was outside the heliosphere,

but the NASA don’t agree with this report. By the words of team of Voyager 1, the spacecraft has not left the solar system yet, or it reached to interstellar space. The AGU, did the measurement at AUG. 25. These measurements showed radical changes, which meant that the spacecraft had left the solar system, or the huge magnetic bubble including our solar system, and the entire magnetic field. There is some disagreement between the astronomer Bill Webber (professor from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces) and the Voyager project scientist Ed Stone regarding the location of Voyager 1. Bill Webber explained, that during a few days decreased the intensity of heliospheric radiation, and the cosmic ray intensity went up. But Ed Stone explained that the spacecraft had reached to a new region, named “the magnetic highway”, where changed the energetic particles.

By Ed Stone- the magnetic fields’ direction change is the last indicator of spaces’ reaching, but the directions’ change has not observed yet. But Webber think that the spacecraft is in the new region, and they are measuring everything. In 2010 NASA put the spacecraft Voyager 1 10,8 billion miles from the Sun, which is travelling at a rate of 380,000 miles per hour through the heliospere. In June, the astronomer Ed Stone predicted that the Voyagers’ location was changed and the spacecraft was somewhere in a new region. In this new region the things are changing more quickly, which means that the spacecraft is approaching the frontier to the solar system.