Exoplanet HD95086 b

Discovered huge exoplanet HD95086 b

Astronomers were extremely lucky to find an exoplanet with a direct method. It is quite difficult to find the exoplanet, which is far from our Solar System. For their detection astronomers use indirect methods, but this time scientists were very lucky. They managed to find huge massive exoplanet a direct method at the help of tools of a land telescope of VLT, which is in Chile. Besides, scientists quite simply found exoplanet HD95086 b in constellation of Kiel on removal of 300 light years from Earth, they also photographed it. This planet lives in an orbit round the central star of HD95086. Weight of huge exoplanet HD95086 b equals to 3 or 4 mass of our Jupiter. From the parental star, exoplanet is removed on distance equal to 56 distances from Earth to our Sun. The photo of exoplanet was submitted on June 3, 2013. The central star was artificially removed from the photo in order that it was possible to see better itself exoplanet HD95086 b, which is below to the left of the central star. The exoplanet is visible in the form of a blue spot. Astronomers made simply surprising discovery in which not the last role was accepted by the French astronomers from Astrophysics and Planetology Institute in Grenoble (France).