Asteroid 2013 MZ5

Discovered the 10 thousandth asteroid 2013 MZ5 which is approaching to Earth

Astronomers discovered the asteroids and the comets, which are approaching to Earth, the number of objects reached 10 thousand. The asteroid 2013 MZ5 with a diameter about 300 meters was found on June 18 by Pan-STARRS-1 telescope. By the words of Lindley Johnson (the director of NASA division of research of object approaching to the Earth) the detection of 10 thousand objects approaching with Earth is an important boundary. But it is necessary to find still in 10 times more before they can be sure that they won’t pass any, capable to face Earth and to do essential harm to her inhabitants. Objects approaching with Earth (NEO — Near-Earth objects) is the asteroids and comets which can approach to Earth closer, than on 45 million kilometers. Biggest of the asteroids is (1036) Ganymede asteroid, 41 kilometer in size in the diameter. Among 10 thousand found objects about 10% more than 1 kilometer. Falling of an asteroid of such size won’t lead to death of a civilization, but will cause destructions of global scale, and the number of victims can reach one billion people. Any of kilometer objects isn’t dangerous to Earth, but, by estimates of specialists of NASA, some more dozens remained not revealed. Astronomers assume that about 15 thousand objects about 140 meters in size and more than one million of 30 meters in size can approach with Earth. The specialists of NASA found about 30% of 140-meter objects and less than 1% 30-meter. From 10 thousand 1397 are considered potentially dangerous to Earth, it doesn’t mean that they will surely fall to the ground though there is such probability. Annually astronomers find about one thousand objects approaching to Earth. For their search NASA started the Grand Challenge program (“A grandiose call”) within which plans to combine efforts of the state departments, the private companies and enthusiasts.