Dwarf planet

Dwarf Planet Haumea

Researchers from European Southern Observatory (ESO) using a giant telescope in the Chilean find that Haumea, which is the one of the five dwarf planets of the SolarSystem, and one of its satellites, Hi’iaka, covered with brilliant layer of crystalline ice, formed as a result of the tidal gravitational forces and the decay of radioactive elements that make up these Plutoid. The ice is unusual because it is crystalline, meaning that it has an ordered structure.Haumea has a form of a “flattened rugby ball.”Crystalline structures are destroyed by sunlight, it means that other energy sources are needed to keep the ice organised on Haumea and Hi’iaka. Scientist think that energy source for Haumea are radioactive elements contained in rock nucleus of microplanet, and tidal forces as a result of gravitational interaction of Haumea with satellites and warming ice and rock core.