Dwarf Planet Snow White

Astronomers have discovered that a dwarf planet 2007 OR10, also known as Snow White, is almost completely covered with water ice. The object of the outer belt of asteroids (Kuiper Belt) who was given an index (225 088) 2007 OR10, was discovered in July 2007, by a group led by Mike Brown from the Palomar Observatory. Its brightness was so high that scientists have suggested that its surface has very high reflectivity power, for which Brown has appropriated dwarf planet nicknamed Snow White. At that time, astronomers expected that this is an icy body that split from another dwarf planet Haumea and its color is really white. But a new study of Brown revealed that Snow White is actually a very red objects in the Solar System.

Scientists have conducted observations with an infrared spectrometer FIRE and photometric measurements using wide-angle camera WFC3 of space telescope Hubble. Photometry showed that Snow White is red, which may be due with the presence of methane, and spectrometric measurements showed that its surface is covered with water ice. According to Mike Brown combination of red and water told him the answer to methane, although he also notes that the presence of methane requires additional confirmations, which can be obtained by using large telescopes such as Keck Observatory. According to him, we are now present at the last gasp of Snow White. 4.5 billion years it is slowly losing its atmosphere, and now remain just a little.

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