Energy Source of Quasars

Black holes are rarely in a quiet condition. They not only rotate but can move up and down of the home galaxy. Researchers from Brigham Young University conducted a study of this movement and came to the conclusion that both types of motion of black holes provided with energy one of the brightest objects in the Universe, such as quasars. For the first time scientists have devoted time to research the energy source of quasars. A black   hole  in  the galaxy  Centaurus A  emits  a wave of energy in length to 1 million light years. The new theory put forward longitudinal movement of black holes also energizes the quasars. Both types of motion in combination with each other make the black hole in a huge source of energy.

In other words, the biggest and brightest quasars can appear due to black holes, which at the same time, quickly rotated and moved to the Galaxy.

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