Is Exist White Holes ?

Until now, all knowledge of “White Holes” were based only on assumptions. Scientists can’t say exactly if they realy exist and why none of them haven’t yet been found.Israeli’s astronomers Alon Retter and Shlomo Heller argued that the anomalous gamma -ray burst GRB 060614, which occurred in 2006, was nothing as a “White Hole”.According to astronomers “White Hole” is an antithesis of the “Black Hole”. If it’s impossible to escape from a “Black Hole”, then in “White Hole” just impossible to get. It creates a matter,which ejected into space.”White Hole” appears among voids on a very short time. So it’s possible that’s the reason that on the place of fire GRB 060614, nothing could be seen. 

Alon Retter and his colleagues believe that appeared “White Hole” immediately breaks with the flash. This process likes Big Bang, who created the universe, only in a highly reduced scale, called Small Bang.