New Exoplanet Was Discovered That Is Three Times Mass of Jupiter

New Exoplanet Was Discovered That Is Three Times Mass of Jupiter

Scientists have discovered new exoplanet that is three times mass of Jupiter. “This planet is unlike the planets in our solar system, but more than that, it is unlike any other exoplanets we have discovered so far,” says Caltech’s Sarah Blunt about a planet discovered with three times the mass of Jupiter that travels on a long, slingshot-shaped path around its star.

“Copernicus taught us that Earth is not the center of the solar system, and as we expanded into discovering other solar systems of exoplanets, we expected them to be carbon copies of our own solar system,” said Andrew W. Howard, Caltech professor of Astronomy and head of California Planet Search. “But it’s just been one surprise after another in this field. This newfound planet is another example of a system that is not the image of our solar system but has remarkable features that make our universe incredibly rich in its diversity.”

The method that is used during discovering the new exoplanet is the radial velocity. A workhorse of exoplanet discovery that detects new worlds by tracking how their parent stars. And, the scientists suggest, looking for more planets like this one could illuminate the role of giant planets in shaping their solar systems.

“Other planets detected far away from their stars tend to have very low eccentricities, meaning that their orbits are more circular,” added Blunt, first author of the new study. “The fact that this planet has such a high eccentricity speaks to some difference in the way that it either formed or evolved relative to the other planets.”

“This newfound planet basically would have come in like a wrecking ball,” says Howard, “knocking anything in its way out of the system.”

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