Apollo Engines

Expeditors found The Apollo engines from depths of Atlantic Ocean

The team of expeditors led by Bezos found rusted pieces of two Apollo-era rocket engines from the depths of Atlantic ocean.

As you know, the Apollo rocket helped the astronauts to fly to the Moon. The expeditors‘ team raised the engine parts approximately three weeks, then carried the parts to the launch pad for the lunar missions in Florida.

The Bezos team used the sonar equipment for finding the location of sunken engines, which are approximately 3 miles deep in the Atlantic ocean and 360 miles from Cape Canaveral. But there is some unclear fact. The serial numbers on the corroded pieces are missing or it is hard for expeditors to read the numbers. So, the Bezos team can’t know to which Apollo mission the engines belonged.

Apollo astronauts were aboard the Saturn V rocket during 1960-1970. Each rocket had five engine clusters, which produced about 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust. After liftoff- the engines (the weight of each engine was 18000 pounds) fell into the ocean. The engines belongs to NASA. Bezos sent robots to the depths of Atlantic ocean to raise the engines.

The expeditors called the recovery “a historic find”.

Bezos wants to restore the parts of engine. These parts are including a nozzle, thrust chamber, turbine and a heat exchanger. Previously, NASA announced, that the engine would head for Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.