Five Rockets Have Plans to Fly in One Day – One of them Is SpaceX

Today it is a special day because five rockets will launch by four different companies, and one of them is SpaceX. But there were some problems and three of the four rockets are canceled. The flights were pushed until tomorrow, setting up another and more significant historical event.

If all the rockets currently scheduled launch as planned, there could be five launches within a 24-hour period.

Tuesday, 8:57pm ET ULA Delta IV Heavy

Wednesday 5:40am ET India’s GSLV Mk. 2

Wednesday 9:07am ET Space X Falcon 9

Wednesday 9:30am ET Blue Origin New Shepard

Wednesday 11:37am ET Arianespace Soyuz

As mentioned “Originally, today, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Arianespace, and ULA were supposed to launch their respective rockets. Rocket Tuesday, people were calling it. And for good reason as, if successful, it would have been a historic event. But then Arianespace canceled their flight due to high-altitude winds. Blue Origin scrubbed its launch because of the rocket’s ground infrastructure. And seven minutes before Falcon 9 was set to launch, an onboard computer triggered an abort, causing the rocket to stand down for the day”.

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