Galactic Exclamation Point

With the help NASA’s telescopes Hubble and Chandra, astronomers could capture a snapshot of the cosmic exclamation point of the two merging galaxies. Galaxy VV 340 in the constellation Auriga, also known as Arp 302 and UGC 9618, located at a distance of 450 million light years from Earth and consists actually two galaxies. One of them, VV 340A, or northern, like on a stick an exclamation point, and VV 340B, or southern, like on a point. After few million years, these galaxies will merge into one. This new picture was obtained under the program of study of a type of stellar systems, the brightest infrared galaxies. 

In the course of this project space telescopes optical Hubble, X-ray Chandra, infrared Spitzer and ultraviolet GALEX (Galaxy Evolution  Explorer), as well as ground-based telescopes conduct joint survey and combine the received data. Observations of VV 340 allowed the scientists to establish that the northern galaxy, as well as southern, hides in itself fast growing supermassive black holes, and in the southern galaxy are intensive processes of star formation.