Galaxy Evolution Explorer

Cause of the Biggest of Star Explosions in Dwarf Galaxies

Astronomers are using ultraviolet data from the NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer to study  the dwarf galaxies.According  to studies scientists think that the little galaxies are low in mass and they have low rates of star formation.The studies show that the low-mass galaxies have few heavy atoms, such as carbon and oxygen,than the largest galaxies.The lack of heavy atoms in the atmosphere around a massive star  is the reason it  to  shed less material as it ages. The massive stars in little galaxies are fatter in their old age, than the largest galaxies.  So the fatter star explosion is even more powerful.The fatter the star,the bigger the blast  that will occur when it finally goes supernova. According to the astronomers, this may explain why super supernovae  are occurring in the dwarf galaxies.