Gold on Earth could appear because of collision of dead stars

All gold on Earth could result from space accident between super dense dead stars Gold on Earth it is shrouded in mystery as it can’t be formed in stars as easier elements, such as carbon and iron. But the secret can be opened now. As approves new research, collision of the dead stars could become the catalyst of creation of valuable metal. By the words of leading author of research Edo Berger they consider that the amount of the gold which made and has been thrown out during merge of two neutron stars, can be comparable weighing 10 Moon – quite decently. Berger and his colleagues studied short gamma splash which was noticed on Earth orbit by the spacecraft of NASA of Swift at the beginning of June.

Gold on Earth
Gold on Earth

Called GRB 130603B, gamma splash settled down approximately in 3,9 billion light years from Earth and lasted less than the two tenth seconds. During the period after explosion, scientists noticed that explosion gave way to gradually disappearing luminescence in which infrared radiation dominated. The research group considers that the luminescence of splash occurs because of exotically radioactive elements which can be found in the neutron and rich materials. These materials are thrown out in the Universe owing to collision of neutron stars. The scientists so long looked for proofs to connect short gamma splashes with collision of the dead stars. The radioactive luminescence of GRB 130603B can be this proof. Gold – rare substance on Earth, because this unusual occurrence in the Universe. As a whole, the team expects that gamma splash throws out about the one 100-th share of solar weight of substances among which there is also gold. Uniting amount of the gold made by one short GRB, with number of such explosions which happened since the Universe creation, all gold on Earth could result from gamma splashes.


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