Moon mass concentrations

Grail Nasa mission helped to study the Moon mascons

After completion of Grail Nasa mission, scientists had an opportunity to study the Moon  mascons.
When last year two space twin devices finished the mission on studying of gravitational fields of the Moon scientists had a chance to learn more about the Moon mascons.
Mascons are in abbreviated form concentration of weight. According to scientists of Grail Nasa mission, they are regions of a lithosphere of a planet or the natural satellite, causing positive gravitational anomalies. Mascons were found and localized on indignations in movements of artificial satellites of the Moon. Most often mascons are located under the lunar seas having a roundish form.
For the first time the Moon mascons were open by employees of Laboratory of Jet Movement (NASA) in 1968, but there was no opportunity to investigate them to understand as this phenomenon arises and to understand the exact mechanism of its action. Now falling of two spacecrafts on a surface of the Moon and formation of two enough deep craters was barred by very dense lunar breeds, which cause positive gravitational anomalies.
During the Grail Nasa mission, first of all, scientists are going to study mascons in the lunar pool, which was formed on the distant party of the Moon.
Scientists assume that mascons can exist also on Mars and Mercury. Probably, the scientitst will investigate them later, after studying of mascons on the Moon.