Mars radation

High radiation on Mars surface

The Mars rover Curiosity helped the American scientists to find out that travelers to Mars will  absorb lethal dose of the radiation, over 1 sievert of ionizing radiation, which indicates the need of installation of special “shelters” onboard of spaceships.
By the words of scientists, they found that astronauts will absorb about 1,8 millisieverts of radiation a day during flight. The general dose during flight to Mars and Earth will make 0,66 sieverts, and together with stay on a Mars surface, can reach one sievert. Such quantity of radiation approaches to a radiation limit for astronauts during their career.
The scientists came to such conclusion, having analyzed the data collected by the RAD device onboard a mars rover of Curiosity during its travel to Mars. This tool was switched on in Earth orbit in November, 2011. It is practically in the rover center that allowed to use it as model of the astronaut during flight to the Red planet.
According to scientists, during flight RAD fixed high level of radiation on Mars surface. Only its small part, about 5%, fell on particles of a solar wind which can block the ship covering.
On the other hand, the big share of radiation, 95%, fell on space beams of high energy from which it is almost impossible to be protected. According to scientists, the aluminum covering thickness in meter won’t be an obstacle for such particles. Therefore the spaceships going to Mars have to possess special “shelters” for protection from radiation.


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