Exoplanet HR8799c

HR8799c Exoplanet Atmosphere contains Water Vapor

In the atmosphere of an alien planet HR8799c which distance from the Earth is,
which distance from the Earth is approximately 130 light years, the astronomers found vapor of water and carbon monoxide. The astronomers say that in the HR8799c planet, there is no methane, which is a gas that indicates life. The astronomical measurements, which the astronomers did during their observations, are the most precise measurements, which the astronomers have ever made outside of our solar system. Astronomers have founded over 1000 planets beyond our solar system since 1990. Among them the HR8799c is the huge planet. The mass of HR8799c, is approximately seven times more that the mass of Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system. It circles a star with three other planets. For the readings the astronomers used a telescope Keck Observatory in Hawaii, and instrument Osiris. This instrument helped the astronomers to record the infrared lights. While the planet is young, but it is unusual hot and it is very easy to see in the infrared range. Though the astronomers found the water vapor and carbon monoxide, but there is no sign of methane, which is a waste gas of living organisms. The scientists said that the presence of water vapor in the atmosphere of a planet doesn’t make the planet a contender for life. The new measurements of the astronomers, are clarifying the existence of the planet. The atmosphere of HR8799c has a carbon ratio to oxygen. This process called core accretion, when grains of water ice condense from a disc of material surrounding the parent star. The astronomers hope to study such rocky planets, which will be similar to the Earth. But, usually, these kind of planets are small and very close to their stars and The light from them is so faint, that the telescopes can not detect.