Hubble Movies Provide New Details about Stellar Birthing Process

New movies created from years of still images collected by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope provide new details about the stellar birthing process, showing energetic jets of glowing gas ejected from young stars in unprecedented detail. The jets are a byproduct of gas accretion around newly forming stars and shoot off at supersonic speeds of about 100 miles per second in opposite directions through space. Hubble’s unique sharpness  allows  astronomers  to  see  changes  in  the  jets  over just a few  years’ time. Researchers hope the knowledge they’ve gained will help refine computer simulations that attempt to calculate the complex processes going on in the stars and their environs as they form. 

According to astronomer Patrick Hartigan of Rice University in Houston, Texas for the first time they can actually observe how these jets interact with their surroundings by watching these time-lapse movies.