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Hubble Telescope Snaps the Most Detailed Image Near Milky Way

Hubble Telescope has captured an awesome image of the Triangulum Galaxy. The galaxy is three million light-years from our own Milky Way galaxy.

The image is created from 54 different images which consists of 665 million pixels. The view is so large that it spans “an area more than 19,000 light-years across.”

According to their official website “At only three million light-years from Earth, the Triangulum Galaxy is a notable member of the Local Group — it is the group’s third-largest galaxy, but also the smallest spiral galaxy in the group. It measures only about 60 000 light-years across, compared to the 200 000 light-years of the Andromeda Galaxy; the Milky Way lies between these extremes at about 100 000 light-years in diameter.”

The Triangulum galaxy is known as Messier 33 or NGC 598, it doesn’t have a bright bulge at its center. According to the galaxy contains a huge amount of gas and dust, giving rise to rapid star formation. New stars form at a rate of approximately one solar mass every two years.

“The abundance of gas clouds in the Triangulum Galaxy is precisely what drew astronomers to conduct this detailed survey. When stars are born, they use up material in these clouds of gas and dust, leaving less fuel for new stars to emerge. Hubble’s image shows two of the four brightest of these regions in the galaxy: NGC 595 and NGC 604. The latter is the second most luminous region of ionised hydrogen within the Local Group and it is also among the largest known star formation regions in the Local Group”, Hubble added on its website.

Hubble Telescope Snaps the Most Detailed Image
Here is the image

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