Huge Black Holes are Found

A team from University of California in Berkeley has found two gigantic black holes in the clusters of elliptic galaxies more than 300 million light years away from us. The black holes appear to be much bigger than it was predicted initially when analyzing the galaxies. These galaxies will allow researchers to find out how black holes are growing. As it is supposed, huge black holes, the sizes of which will exceed the size of the Sun, may be present in all big galaxies. The biggest black hole was discovered in the galaxy of Messier 87 and is known as a mammoth. Its mass 6300 time exceeds the mass of the Sun. Black holes are formed when a super-sized star is collapsed in the galaxy. The bigger is the galaxy, the bigger will be a black hole in it.

 Black hole is a region where nothing, not even light, can escape. Scientists think that black holes may be 10 million times larger than the Sun and they exist only thanks to the absorption of the galaxy quasars – space objects present in the early Universe.  Black holes may also be born when multiple galaxies are merged and black holes in those galaxies are joined into one giant black hole. Considering the mass of the newfound two black holes, scientists stated that they are pretty much look like a young quasars and may act as a missing chain in the line of quasars and massive black holes, which we may observe nowadays.