Moon explosion

Huge explosion on the Moon was a consequence of a hit by meteorite

The Moon had a new crater on a surface thanks to a meteorite, which crashed into it in March, having arranged the largest explosion recorded by scientists from the moment of the beginning of its monitoring.

The meteorite fell on March 17, having crashed into a lunar surface at a stunning speed of 56 000 miles/h (90 000 km/h) and having created a new crater of 65 foots in width (20 meters). Accident was accompanied by bright flash of light, which would be visible to any even with an unaided look.

On March 17, the object of the size of a small boulder got to a lunar surface. It exploded in a flash, flash was nearly 10 times brightest which the scientists observed. Astronomers of NASA carry out monitoring about the Moon, which was hit by meteorite for the last eight years, and anything more powerful yet didn’t see. Scientists didn’t see meteorite falling in real time. And only after viewing of video shot by Ron Suggsom, the analyst of the Center of space flights of NASA was revealed the event.

Scientists calculated that the meteorite had a diameter about 0,3 to 0,4 meters and weighed about 40 kg. Capacity of explosion made 5 tons. When researchers saw the records for March, they found out that the lunar meteorite, probably, was not an isolated case.

The atmosphere of Earth protects a surface of our planet from meteors, and here the Moon so wasn’t lucky.  Lack of the atmosphere subjects it to continuous “bombing” from space depths.  The program of monitoring of NASA noticed that since 2005 the Moon was hit by meteorite more than 300 times..  Motivation of the program is intention of NASA to send astronauts to the Moon.  When they there will arrive, information on the frequency of falling of meteors is necessary for them.