The Influence of Solar Wind to Earth

According to Group of South Korean scientists the speed of the solar wind, a stream of charged particles, emanating from the Sun, may have a direct impact on the weather, increasing the atmospheric pressure even at mid-latitudes.The speed of the solar wind can vary widely from 250 to 800 kilometers per second at the boundary of Earth’s atmosphere. Periods of rapid growth of the solar wind’s speed is usually observed during high solar activity.The flow of high-energy particles is strongly heats the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere, the so-called the thermosphere. The solar wind also destroys ozone molecules and cause other chemical changes in the upper atmosphere. 

Heon-Young Chang from the Korean National University in Daegu Kenbuk and his colleagues decided to find if fluctuations in the solar wind velocity influence on the atmospheric pressure at sea level in the lower latitudes.They analyzed data on space weather in the period from 1986 to the present time from the database NASA OMNIWeb and chose from them information about the extreme cases, increase the speed of the solar wind more than 800 kilometers per second. For the 12 events found, they analyzed data about atmospheric pressure from across the network of meteorological stations in South Korea. So found that in all cases, except two (when the typhoon affected to the pressure), occurred in a significant increase in atmospheric pressure. On average, the pressure increased by 2.5 hectopascals. This is a relatively small quantity just 1.88 millimeters of a mercury column.This additive can be critically important for many applications, particularly for climate models.

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