ISEE-3 space probe

ISEE-3 space probe is withdrawing from resignation

The American scientists suggest “to withdraw from resignation” the ISEE-3 space probe started more than 30 years ago, and to return it to research work. The ISEE-3 probe was one of three probes intended for research of solar and terrestrial communications, influence of a solar wind on a magnetosphere and near-earth space. Two others worked at Earth orbit, and ISEE-3 became the first artificial object output in a point Lagrange of L1 of  Sun- Earth system, at 1,5 million kilometers distance towards the Sun. In 1982 began the second life of the probe — it received the new name International Cometary Explorer (ICE), was put to heliocentric ISEE-3 space probeorbit and went on interception of a comet. In September, 1985 the probe successfully passed through a comet, then he participated in the project on comet research Gallia. But in May 1997, the mission of a space probe was officially stopped. In August 2014, the space probe ISEE will return to Earth. The scientists note, that at rather small investments it is possible to receive the big return comparable to results of start of a new research vehicle. According to the scientists, there is an opportunity to send ISEE to one comet — Virtanen’s comet, which will come nearer to Earth in December, 2018. To this period the Chinese experts plan to send to probe its own device, and simultaneous research a gas cover of a comet. Researching in two points with two probes will supply the scientist very valuable information. Besides, there is an opportunity to send ISEE to the third comet — SW3-C, in August, 2022.