July Full Moon is Called Thunder Moon

July Full Moon is Called Thunder Moon – Here Is Why

The July’s moon has an interesting name which is called Thunder Moon. The full moon was on Monday night through Wednesday morning, peaking on Tuesday.

The reason of the full moon’s name is that it signals the arrival of summer’s thunderous and lightening-charged storm season. Also it has another name such as “buck moon.”

“July’s full moon is called the Full Thunder Moon, after the frequent thunderstorms that roll in during early summer”. “Thunderstorms are more likely to form in humid environments during summer because of the moist, hot air rising from the ground to the higher, colder parts of our atmosphere,” says MoonGiant. “The Full Thunder Moon is, therefore, a warning sign for a surprisingly dangerous time of the year.”

“Fact is that the majority of summer rain is associated with showers that often are accompanied by lightning and thunder,” Robinson wrote in an email. But, he added, “There isn’t a connection between storms and the moon phase.”

The details of the Thunder Moon, read here.

At this time North America didn’t have a chance to watch the eclipse entirely. Partial lunar eclipse was seen from South America at early evening July 16. So, consequently, in Europe and Africa it occurred later in the evening July 16. From Asia and Australia, it will happen during the morning nighttime hours July 17. From South America, the moon was already in eclipse as it rose around sunset July 16; and in Australia, the moon is in eclipse as it sets around sunrise July 17.

“Early Summer is normally when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur,” NASA states. “For Hindus, this is the Guru Full Moon (Guru Purnima) and is celebrated as a time for clearing the mind and honoring the guru or spiritual master.”

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