Juno Probe will Study the Internal Structure of Jupiter

Juno probe, which NASA plans to launch on August 5, 2011, will study the internal structure of Jupiter and will help scientists find out “the ingredient list” from which emerged the planets and other bodies of the Solar System.Juno which will be the farthest vehicle from the Sun at solar-powered device will reach Jupiter in 2016 and will orbit around the planet about one year.It’s planned that Juno will lead to space launch vehicle Atlas-5. The start window of about three weeks, opens on August 5.

Juno will study the gravitational and magnetic fields of Jupiter and be able to study its internal structure and determine if the gas giant has a core. In addition, instruments of microwave range will help to see the cloud layer of Jupiter’s, to measure temperature  and to evaluate the chemical composition of the planet’s atmosphere, to study the planet’s poles and the aurora.