Oxygen on Mars

Large amount of oxygen on Mars 4 billion years ago

Scientists found out that 4 billion years ago the atmosphere of Mars comprised the large amount of oxygen. The oxygen is comparable to its share on young Earth, having analyzed a chemical composition of the extremely ancient breeds in Gusev’s crater on the Mars. By the words of Bernard Wood from the Oxford university breeds in a crater contained more oxygen, than particles of meteorites, despite their identical origin. It surprised us as young meteorites. They are only 180-1400 million years, and breeds in Gusev’s crater which were studied by Spirit, were created 3,7 billion years ago. Most likely, minerals in the bottom layers of a lithosphere of Mars store in themselves the oxygen absorbed in them when they contacted to the atmosphere of a young Red planet. Wood and his colleagues found out that in the ancient time there was rather big share oxygen on Mars atmosphere and subsoil. The scientists studied the data collected by a Mars rover Spirit in a crater of Gusev, located in the southern hemisphere of the Red planet, near the equator. Scientists shares of sulfur and oxides of metals in its breeds which can prompt as Mars far back in the past looked interested. It appeared that basalt breeds in Gusev’s crater comprised relatively many atoms of the oxidized sulfur. This fact speaks about presence of big concentration of oxygen on Mars when they were formed. According to scientists, its share was comparable to similar values for terrestrial basalts. It means that Mars possessed the oxygen atmosphere about 4 billion years ago. It is long before enrichment of an air cover of our planet by oxygen that occurred about 2,5 billion years ago. By the scientists the Mars was warm, damp and at the same time there was oxygen on Mars for billions years before the Earth atmosphere was filled with its molecules.