Large Magellanic Cloud “Steals” the Stars

Large Magellanic Cloud is the galaxy, which located close to our and is the most striking. According to scientists some of its stars, this galaxy is “stealing” from the Small Magellanic Cloud.Large Magellanic Cloud is located approximately 160 000 light years from the Milky Way galaxy is similar to those that once formed our galaxy.Scientists at the U.S. National optical astronomy observatories have found that the Large Magellanic Cloud contains thousands of red and orange giant which brightness and size greater than the Sun. About five percent of them have unique performance characteristics, rotate in the opposite direction and on other orbits than the other stars of this galaxy. 

In addition, these stars differ   from   the bulk of stars in  the Large Magellanic Cloud by the chemical composition, with the percentage of iron, as the stars of the Small Magellanic Cloud, which is located in seventy-five light years from the Big. It is from this, the second brightest galaxy of the Milky Way’s neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud steals the stars.